Who is the greatest? Such a simple question. And there’s never an easy answer. Especially in motorsports. Perhaps in motorsports, more than anything else.

It’s the classic unanswered question for the millions of fans across the world who fill circuit grandstands in their droves, tune in on TV on race day, follow the stars, buy the merchandise.

With so many different racing series catering to different audiences, you might find out who can cross the line first on any given day, or even prove themselves over a season... but the ultimate racer? Where do you even start to look for the answer?

How do you compare the guys who compete in open-wheel formulas to, say, racers who drift? If you can do it on the circuit, how does that compare to those who compete on the street or throw their cars around open-road competitions?

Can that question even be answered?

Sure, there have been exhibitions – sideshows – bringing drivers from different disciplines together. But with the ultimate accolade on the line, which drivers would step out of their comfort zone to prove themselves in a truly competitive series?

Who would be the best? The question remains unanswered.

Until now…

The Investor

“My name is Patrick Callahan. I make things happen. I invest. In people. In ideas. In dreams.

In doing so I’ve turned industries on their heads. I’ve become rich. I’ve made people famous. I know success but I’ve tasted failure too. The mentality of a race driver is much like that of an entrepreneur.

You have to be cut-throat... because the stakes are high.

I have a vision. This competition, this series that I will create will be about more than just straightforward racing. I want to throw a few curveballs. No one ever changed the world by playing safe.

And I want the best. To bring together the best drivers from the best clubs, wherever they are. When drivers from different disciplines pull up on the same start line, it is those who thrive on being out of their comfort zone that prevail.

I’m picking the clubs I want to work with, and the drivers who will become my stars... And I need to know they can take on whatever I throw at them.

That the desire to win is in their DNA.

I’m investing in them. And I expect a return on my investment.”


Ready to join the elite in GRID 2?

Then it’s time to enter a new motorsport series that pits drivers from across the world against each other in one unified competition.

You’re in at ground zero. Take up your invitation from Patrick Callahan, the investor in this new series, to become the rising star of the league and create your own career, increasing your fan base along the way.

From race one you’ll be immersed in the genre’s most exciting racing experience – aggressive, wheel-to-wheel events against realistic AI where no quarter is asked nor given.

Prove yourself in different disciplines, from spectacular drift events to dramatic sprints in point-to-point races and traditional circuit racing to unique routes carved through iconic cities – all in front of thousands of fans and the all-important television cameras.

Choose the events you want to compete in, learn to love and upgrade your car or pick from a growing garage as you carve your own way to the pinnacle of a new world of motorsport.

GRID 2 is all about your race.

The Race

Be fast, be first and be famous as you blaze your way to the top of a new world of competitive motorsport.

Jump behind the wheel of the finest examples of automotive excellence as you prove yourself in intense, aggressive races on licensed circuits, iconic city streets and treacherous mountain roads.

Compete to become the best in a new globe-trotting racing series which will see you perform in diverse disciplines. From Paris to Chicago, the California Coast to Yas Marina and beyond, each spectacular race comes alive with stunning graphics, jaw-dropping damage and realistic AI.

Feel the power of each beautifully created car with GRID 2’s new TrueFeel™ handling system and conquer dynamically changing LiveRoutes™, which selects the route on-the-fly for supreme replayability and a true test of racecraft and reactions on tracks where you never know what’s coming next.

With an entirely separate online multiplayer component, including deep integration with RaceNet, Codemasters’ community hub which tracks player’s races, rewards and rivals, GRID 2 will set new standards for online multiplayer in the genre.

GRID 2 - welcome back to racing.

US Racing

“I want the world’s eyes on my new racing format, and where better to begin than my homeland, America. It’s the pre-eminent professional sports marketplace, a country with an insatiable appetite for cars and a land that loves winners; that loves stars.

We already have established Race Clubs here. They’re a magnet for drivers who want to make it. Some specialise in different events. Others feel they can go wheel-to-wheel with anyone, anywhere.

Each has their own culture. But like motorsports as a whole, they operate in their own worlds. There’s no overarching, unified competition. That’s my vision. I want you to impress them. To beat them. To bring them in.

It’s not just the Race Clubs though. It’s the country itself. Petrol is in the blood here. It’s also perfect for TV. Take Chicago – a grand city with an iconic skyline that looks stunning through the lens. The races that I’ll host here will hit the airwaves with blockbuster style.

Then there’s the California coast. I have my eyes on it - miles of asphalt that demands to be driven hard. I’ll turn it into a competitive racer’s paradise. In the US, we have the talent, the locations and the audience.

We’ll start here. And then the world will follow.”

EU Racing

"I love Europe. It has a racing culture all of its own... a unique lineage that stretches back to motorsport’s very inception. That’s why I’ve come here to recruit drivers and teams who can make the difference to World Series Racing.

It’s not just a breeding ground for the best talent, although that’s certainly a draw. They do racing differently here too.

Take Eliminator events. They are ruthless.

Drivers who have stared down those who stood in their way just to take a place in the final, a shot at the win, will find their race finished if they find themselves at the back of the pack at the wrong time.

A club like Eliminacion don’t tend to make that mistake... and I’m coming for them.

That desire to race is in the blood here. Touring cars and grip driving have a strong foothold. Circuit racers are thoroughbreds, guys who are ready to do what it takes to perform in front of packed grand stands. I need teams like Euro Rand on board to give my league a hard-boiled, old-school legitimacy.

Then there’s DiviZéro.

They specialise in sprints against the clock out on the open road – what I call Time Attack. This team has drivers who possess a different focus entirely – one where the world outside the car and the asphalt cease to exist.

World Series Racing will become a success based on having the best. It’s not about one style being better than another. It’s about drivers – whatever they specialise in – who will do whatever it takes to get the win."


Immerse yourself in a new world of multiplayer competition powered by RaceNet, the online extension for Codemasters racing games which tracks your races, rivals and rewards.

Two player split-screen and 12-player races across GRID 2’s diverse range of events online are just the beginning. An entirely separate multiplayer campaign challenges you to grow your fanbase, earning XP to unlock cars and modifications with each and every race.

GRID 2’s integration with RaceNet means you always have a new challenge, whether it’s taking part in up to nine exclusive weekly Global Challenges or making progress against your rivals.

GRID 2 now intelligently matches you with new players based on your play style, and you can select custom rivals based on event type or location, or your friends list. You can even keep the competition going whether your rivals are online or not.

Stamp your own identity online by customizing your car, win fanbase from other players in races and experience a fair race every time with new anti-griefing techniques.

With RaceNet you can track your challenges, rivals and progress in GRID 2 when you’re away from the game through your desktop, tablet or mobile device, with dedicated apps set to land around launch.

GRID 2 multiplayer – more depth, more challenges, more rewarding.

Asia Racing

“Asia is a key market for World Series Racing; home to a diverse array of talent and a potentially huge audience. I’ve come to recruit the best and where better to begin than Dubai? Car culture runs through this city and there is a club here that is recognised for taking care of business on the track.

The club’s called Dubai VIP. These guys are pioneers of Checkpoint races, which find their beauty in simplicity – get to the checkpoint before the time runs out. These events are now spreading through Asia, along with Dubai VIP’s reputation. I’ll be taking both worldwide.

Further East, I have my eyes on Kowloon Dragons. Their razor sharp reactions and precision driving at speed are crucial in Touge races – contactless one-on-one pursuits on tight mountain roads.  When the chance comes for a pass, you can count on them to take it. I want them on board.

Drift fascinates me. Not every race driver understands the form over function approach that these drifters do. It’s about how long you hold the drift, how close you want to come to crashing out or into your opponents. You need to hold the form, control the car in its most unstable state. Haruna Kyojin are world leaders in this discipline, and I’m getting them on board.

World Series Racing is not about whose style is better than whose. It’s about who can handle the pressure, find the speed and get the win, no matter which car, which event, or which location.”

Don't Follow. Lead.

GRID 2: The Vision

The core design philosophy for GRID 2 is that we treat the race as a character, not a consequence of simply putting cars on tracks. Everything that goes into the game impacts on the feel and personality of the race – we call it Total Race Day Immersion. We want to enhance that second-to-second, in the moment experience for every player, every time and make the most immersive, compulsive and dramatic racing experience available anywhere. Some racing games lose sight of that core experience. We never lose our focus. That’s what sets GRID 2 apart.

Clive Moody, Executive Producer GRID 2

GRID 2’s Artistic Direction

GRID 2 will reach new levels of immersion and atmosphere. The game will move seamlessly through intense action sequences, conveying a rich world of drama, cinema and racing. There is no precedent. Every sequence and shot is designed to look and feel gritty, super-real, and ultimately arresting. Our game will look and feel like nothing else, yet be unmistakably GRID.

Nathan Fisher, Art Director

Redefining multiplayer racing:

It’s our ambition to make GRID 2 the finest online racing experience available to gamers. It’s about taking inspiration from the best multiplayer games from across the genres – not just racing games – and combining them with our own ideas and tech to push forward what can be done. An entirely distinct progression system and deep integration with RaceNet will evolve and extend the GRID 2 online experience substantially beyond the standard DLC program.

Iain Smith, Producer

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